Discounts are available for multiple matings at the following rates:

1 service – Full price

2 services – 10% discount

3-5 services – 20% discount

6+ services – 30% discount

 Mileage Costs.

  •  For mobile services mileage is charged at 50 pence per mile (+VAT) for the  return journey.
  •  Repeat matings.
  •  Each mobile service fee includes one repeat visit should your female prove  non-receptive initially. Any further visits will incur additional mileage charges.

 Spitting off.

  •  Spitting off will be the owner of the female’s responsibility.
  •  48 hour live Cria guarantee.

If the unthinkable happens and your cria dies within the first 48 hours of it’s life we will offer a free remate on the original terms.

Drive by services.

Drive by services here at Patou Alpacas will be carried out in a purpose built pen that is not part of our grazing land. As a result your females will not come on to our land. This pen will be disinfected prior to your arrival.


 Invoices will be sent out at the time of the service, prompt payment is appreciated (within 14 days).