Before we bought our first alpacas we researched the alpaca world as much as possible and that involved looking at numerous websites on the internet (there are an awful lot more out there now!). It was quite bewildering, there were websites advocating white alpacas, some plugging black alpacas and sites showing every colour in between. It was confusing to say the least and we decided that nothing was better than actually going out and meeting breeders and seeing their alpacas up close and personal.

We felt that it was important to buy our alpacas from someone who we could trust, who we liked and who would be there to help for as long as necessary. We were lucky in that we found a breeder near by who fulfilled all those attributes and who has now become a close friend.

It is an experience that we would like to replicate for people who choose to buy their first alpacas from us.

Owning these special animals has its challenges, it has its ups and downs but overall the experience is hugely rewarding. Alpacas take your heart and hold onto it, they bewitch you and you can not help but love them.

When we sell an alpaca we are selling an animal that our breeding decisions have created. We may have assisted in its birthing, we may have had to bottle feed it for a time, we have looked after the cria and raised it with the best care that we can provide in order for it to live a happy and healthy life.

Every time we sell an alpaca it is an emotional experience for us. Every member of our herd is special to us and has been given the best possible start to life. We want to make sure that this high level of care continues when it is time for an alpaca from the Patou herd to move to a new home.

We will ensure that you have all the knowledge and skill that you need to look after your alpacas. We will show you what to do, we will help you do it and we will always be there to answer questions and offer advice. It is our responsibility and we take it very seriously.

So, if you buy from us, and I hope that you will, we will look after you as you look after your alpacas.

Mark and Sue Steele

Patou Alpacas


We only sell happy, healthy alpacas!