Sue and I are just about recovering from a weekend where at one point I didn’t know what part of the maternity field I was supposed to be in, or heading towards. Two cria on Saturday followed by another three on Sunday may not sound a lot but by last night I was exhausted. To make matters worse all five are black which now means we have eleven black cria in the same field.

Some of them look so similar it has meant that I have ventured into levels of concentration that I have never been to before.

Literally parts of my brain have been awoken from a deep and dark slumber in order to process information coming from a small black fluffy creature as I stare at it as it is staring back at me as I try to figure out who it is what sex it is, when it was born and who it’s mother is.

This was doubly confused by the fact that we hadn’t given any of them names until this morning. I couldn’t go on with out names any longer so shortly after breakfast I called an emergency meeting of the official Patou herd naming committee. With a piece of paper and a pen at the ready Sue and I bounced ideas around until we had settled on names for all five by using various bizarre, random and tenuous connections.

So without further ado, here are the famous five. I am pretty sure they are who I say they are too.

First of all at midday on Saturday we had the arrival of a very smart little Class Act boy out of Patou Rio (one of my favourites). Patou Danube (did you see what we did there?) or Danny as he is known is a little bundle of bibbly bobbliness. Fantastic. Text book everything. Cooked to perfection for 345 days and a healthy 8.20kg.

Forty minutes later and Patou Whisper produced an absolutely striking looking black Timogen female. Now this little girl stands out from a mile away, absolutely goooorgeous! We have named her Patou Bonne Chance (which will resonate with certain people who live only 12 minutes away). Bonnie is an absolute cracker! Baked for 347 days and a whopping 9.5kg she was up and running instantly.

So Saturday was done, it was raining all day but suitably coated and both doing exactly as they should be doing all was well.

Sunday morning and once again the rain fell. At 10am we found Samantha standing over a black male who had been gestating for only 331 days and was decidedly undercooked. Right down on his pasterns, unable to stand unaided but at 8.20kg a good size. He was warm and strong and definitely wanted to get involved! Patou Jasper is another Class Act boy and has a nose that requires some growing into but he is a little star and is enjoying a bit of Patou TLC in the shed. He still hasn’t fed convincingly from his mum but is now steady on his flat feet and getting stronger all the time.

So after all that faffing around I decided a nice lunch was required, little did I know that it was all going to ‘kick off’ again before I could even contemplate a siesta.

At 1pm one of our favourite females, Patou Reeya went into labour and after observing her for a while it became evident that she needed a little bit of help from yours truly. I gently pulled a slightly stuck cria out and all was well. This time a beautifully elegant black Class Act female. I have to say I am a little bit smitten by this little one. She is so pretty, so female, so dainty and has a very tight bibbly fleece. We have named her Patou Peridot which is a gemstone. Sue and I are pronouncing it differently, I am using the french way by keeping the ‘t’ silent while Sue is apparently pronouncing it the correct way. Neither of us is backing down. Not yet anyway. Perido, (there no ‘t’) was in the warm for 346 days and weighed 8.30kg on arrival. Perfect.

Anyhow, whilst all that was going on I spotted Delilah at the far end of the field doing the ‘I’m getting ready’ dance, up down, squat, up down, squat some more.

Once again a little assistance was required for first timer Delilah and another smart little Class Act boy arrived. As cute as a button and full of beans he was up and doing in no time. We have named him Patou Aramis, for no other reason other than we already have a D’Atragnan and we may have an Athos or a Porthos at a later stage. Very little thought indeed. Delilah appears to be a perfect new mother and Aramis is thriving. For the record, 345 days and 8.10kg. Pretty spot on that is.

So that’s that. Only three to go and we are done. Next time and I really will tell you about our (not my) urinary tract infection!