I am driving Sue a little bit crazy at the moment because my emotions are all over the place. One minute I am leaping around gibbering like a baboon on speed, the next I am withdrawn, grumpy, sweary and rather unpleasant.

Thankfully the former mood (the crazy, happy, good one) is with me for about 99% of the time, the other one pops up briefly and throws despair everywhere until either the cria starts feeding normally or a contingency plan is successfully underway.

We are over half way through birthing now with 6 females and 5 males on the ground and I am excited by them all, best bunch of cria ever so far I reckon (do I say that every year?) and all are thriving.

We have had a few new experiences this year. We had a maiden female, Patou Umbria, reject her cria completely. Couldn’t bear to be near him. Not only that but she had hardly any milk to begin with and is the daughter of our ultimate hair-trigger spit monster which always adds an extra dimension. Anyway we have never had a cria rejection before but it is amazing what 24 hours in the shed does for bonding.

Little Tiberius (or Tibbles as Sue calls him) never gave up chasing her around the shed (except when he was full of plasma) and finally she gave in. She now dotes on him totally and he is doing very well as you can see below. A Timogen boy and one of my favourites. Has to be, look at him!

The other boy who had a difficult first 24 hours is Patou D’Artagnan. Born to Patou Sabrina, an experienced mum and owner of a rather large cow like udder.

Little D’Artagnan (sire – Wimmera Skies Class Act) found her udder a little too daunting a prospect and basically farted around instead of getting on with it. Subsequently this turned the shed into a milking parlour for 12 hours.

However, come sunrise and he’d finally decided that he preferred it direct from source rather than in a bottle. A very handsome male, seen here posing. I’m sure he still considers me some sort of sommelier. He’s one of my favourites.

Now those who know me know that we don’t breed fawns here in Patouland, well apparently we do now and do you know what? I am quite liking the fawns!

Here is Patou Cinnamon, a Timogen girl from Nutmeg (Popham Thunder) who is putting on an average of 360g a day, every day. A perfect little combination there.

Cinnamon is one of my fav…………hang on, pause please. She’s lovely. No, she is actually one of my favourites, because she’s perfect!

And then, yesterday, Patou Misket (one of my favourites) gave birth to her first cria. Not without some assistance. At one point I thought that there was no way that big thing was going to fit through that little thing, no way. Anyway having given Misket enough time to prove that she needed help I stepped in and pulled. I have never had to pull as hard as that, I was actually dragging Misket backwards, Sue had to hold onto her!

However, once the shoulders were through it all went smoothly and little Patou Syrah, for she is a she, was born. She soothed my nerves by being a perfect little 8kg cria and by being the quickest to feed this year, getting stuck into the white stuff within the hour.

She is definitely my favourite!

Next time I will tell you all about our urinary tract infection!