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Welcome to our website. We have been breeding coloured alpacas in Wiltshire for 10 years and are very proud of the Patou herd. We have followed a breeding programme aimed at creating a herd of beautiful coloured alpacas with soft, fine commercially viable fleeces. Not only that but our breeding plan has ensured that our females have generations of colour behind them ensuring that they will produce coloured progeny in the future.


We have a selection of alpacas for sale to suit all budgets and future plans (please see our Alpacas for Sale page). We have breeding female alpacas for sale with great pedigrees, good temperaments and lovely soft coloured fleeces. We also have pet male alpacas for sale in a variety of lovely rich colours that produce super soft fleeces just waiting to be made into beautiful soft garments.


We provide a full and comprehensive back up service to anyone buying alpacas from us as it is very important to us that animals from our herd go to great homes and are looked after properly. We only breed happy, healthy alpacas.

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We are Mark, Sue & Gus Steele and we run Patou Alpacas from our home in Ridge near Tisbury in South Wiltshire.

 It is our aim to breed the highest quality herd of coloured alpacas that we can.

 Our foundation breeding females were carefully selected and we use the same attention to detail when selecting the herd sires for the future generations.

 Each year we hope to see an improvement on the previous generation.

 We specialise in black and brown alpacas and can see that there is a growing demand for these wonderful natural colours in the clothing industry.


We specialise in black and brown alpacas. Why?

 85% of all Alpacas are white due to the versatility of the white wool. Our personal preference is for the darker coloured alpaca and we have seen that there is a growing demand for these natural colours.

 After all there are 22 recognised alpaca colours so it would be a shame not to use them!

 We believe that the future of the alpaca and that of the alpaca industry in the UK is very positive. The demand for alpacas and alpaca based products is increasing year on year.

Mark, Sue & Gus
Mark Steele

Tel: 01747 870222 | Mobile: 0788 054 2260.